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The influence of temperature for acrylic products

As acrylic has unique properties, they have been widely used in our life. Many friends asked the what is the relationship between temperature and acrylic products.
1. The influence of the temperature on the acrylic tensile strength and tensile ability.
When the temperature increased, the tensile strength and tensile elastic decreases linearly. The reason is: with the rise of temperature, polymer materials segment enhanced activity occurs gradually from the glass state to the high elastic state, and the viscous flow state The transformation increases as the flexible, macro performance, strength and elastic modulus decrease.
2. The influence of the temperature to the impact strength of acrylic.
With the increase of the temperature of the molecular chain acrylic Games strengthened macro performance for increased flexibility and improved impact strength.
3. Temperature affects the hardness of acrylic.
Acrylic hardness decreased with the temperature increased, in addition, the hardness was measured using a load value is larger, the lower the value of the measured hardness in a certain range, the greater the thickness of the acrylic sheet, the higher the value measured;However, when the thickness is increased to a certain extent, the measured hardness values no longer occur significantly improved.
4. Temperature affects acrylic extension.
As the temperature increases, acrylic elongation at break in a brittle fracture occurs gradually increased to 60 ℃ acrylic breaking extension rate of 5.6% when a certain temperature is exceeded, acrylic starts to soften, the stretching process was yield failure.
5. Temperature affects acrylic poisson’s ratio
Acrylic has a certain impact, the higher the temperature is, the greater the poisson’s ratio is.

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