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Point of Sale Displays – Details & Facts

It is a fact that point of sale displays are very essential marking tool especially in retail sector. The question everybody keeps asking is why these displays have become so popular of late.

Various Sizes and Shapes

Point of sale displays are of different sizes and shapes. This makes these displays to be displayed or presented in virtually any size or shape. They are very flexible and thus consumes very little space. Also, you can easily move them if there no products or items on them.


Some years back these cardboard display units were mainly manufactured with single designs. However, of late, you can easily inscribe cardboard displays using various colors, catchy texts and beautiful graphics to help you in conveying the brand of your product. Customers always make a late decision when buying an item and since these displays are very attractive, customers will be more likely to buy items or products displayed on them. Additionally, these superb designs are essential during promotions.

Cost Effective

Point of sale displays are not only simple to assemble or lightweight or takes little space but very affordable. If you own a shop, store, or any form of trade, then these displays will help in effective display cheaply.


Did you know that point of sale displays are long lasting? The cardboard display isn’t only flexible but also durable. They are made of high quality materials that can withstand wear.


These displays are manufactured using corrugated paperboard material that are 100% environmental friendly and can be recycled. If you use these types of displays, it means you are focusing on sustainable business activities and you are likely to win more customers.

Point to sale displays can also be used as chipboard boxes for packaging small products for instance, food boxes, board games etc.

Increasing sales

Businesses or companies are always craving for effective ways to minimize competition or completely eliminate it. In fact, businesses spend millions in the effort to be competitive. Identifying a successful marketing strategy is an onerous tasks. Point of sale displays have proven to be innovative and efficient strategy marketing option. This is because they are environment friendly, inexpensive and versatile. The displays perfectly present the products or items for easier viewership. You can get huge volume of sales if you combine these displays cardboard display stands.


If you are looking for in-store promotional tool for your business or store then you should not miss to use point of sale displays. Most buyers make decision whether to purchase an item or product late but if your products are displayed nicely, the buyer is likely to buy them. It is for this reason why it is viewed as an inexpensive marketing tool. The displays will help your customers identify your brand’s name easily and thus improving volume of sales. You don’t have to spend a lot of money promoting or advertising your product. With point to sale displays at Parkway Display, you can sit back and watch more returns coming in!

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