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How to keep clean during in acrylic processing?

Acrylic products processing such as moving, friction, static electricity, etc., these will make acrylic products surface damaged. How to ensure a acrylic products clean and perfect?

1. Pay attention to choose good acrylic material according products requirment.

2. Acrylic processing filler.
Recyled acrylic is more easily soluble in organic solvents than new material, after the engraving, there offen appear some cracks on acrylic surface,in order to solve this problem, we can do the following:
(1). Select pigment resin;
(2). Select amino paint (chemical shop on sale);
(3). Fill the paint after the polishing process.

3. Pay attention to acrylic static electricity.
The acrylic products easy to produce static electricity, the small debris or dust will be attached on it , and therefore need to use in silkscreen or fill paint before stained with 1% soapy water and a soft cotton wipe to guarantee clean.

4. Deal with the acrylic surface scratches.
Scratch on acrylic surface can be polished with ordinary sandpaper, should also pay attention to the ring in polished mobile sandpaper, and the fineness of the sand should be controlled, then toothpaste wipes.

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