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Acrylic Display Stands Polishing Design – Our in house creative design team offering a bespoke design service and customisation of standard products using various graphics software and highly talented creative artists. Headed up by an experienced design team using the latest CAD software togenerate real display solutions.

Acrylic Display Coloring Coloring – Our acrylic could be customized to various colours and images to match customer’s corporate colour.


Acrylic Cutting And Routing Acrylic cutting and routing – In order to meet customer specifications, we are able to cut acrylic to great accuracy in size and angle using laser and router cutting.

Acrylic Display Milling Milling – Using our router machine, we are able to mill half setting holes to the size of product so that the product can sit on the acrylic.

Acrylic Display EngravingEngraving – Various designs, for example text and logo could be engraved on acrylic.

Acrylic Display PolishingPolishing – To avoid dull and yellowish on the edges of acrylic, diamond polish is always performed after cutting to shape.

Acrylic Display BondingBonding – We adapt UV bonding to make sure all joints are well aligned, giving high quality joints. In addition, acrylic could be bended manually to an acceptable shape and angle.

Acrylic Display PackagingPackaging – Packaging is provided to minimize damages of finished goods before dispatch to customers.