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What is acrylic display cases

Acrylic display cases are made of a clear, synthetic material like plastic. Acrylic display cases are more widely used than glass cases since they have many advantages over glass display cases. Acrylic cases are lighter and sturdier. Acrylic is more flexible than glass, so there is less of a chance that acrylic display cases will break. While glass shatters into sharp fragments, acrylic forms larger, harmless fragments if it does break. The corners of acrylic display cases are rounded to make them safe for children. Acrylic can be shaped and cut like wood, so it is easily customized to make display cases of different shapes and sizes.

Technology has overcome most of the drawbacks associated with acrylic display cases. For example, specialized UV treatment ensures that acrylic cases don’t turn yellow on prolonged exposure to sunlight. Beveled and flame treated acrylic cases have a smooth, clear glassy look. Minor scratches on the surface of acrylic display cases can be polished away easily. The corners and seams of acrylic display cases can be sealed to make them airtight. Also, acrylic cases can be shipped in parts and assembled by the customer herself, reducing purchase and transportation costs.

Large cabinets and display cases made from acrylic don’t need a wooden or metallic frame for support. This allows in more light and facilitates a clearer view of the collectible. The standard width of an acrylic sheet used in making display cases is about 1/8th of an inch, leaving more room inside and outside the case.

Acrylic display cases like stands, racks, wall mounts, holders, risers, plate displays, and rotating cases are used to present footwear, brochures, apparel, watches, food items, eyewear, and cosmetics in stores. In homes, dome, box, and octagon-shaped acrylic cases are used for trophies, die casts, books, gifts and ornament display.

Acrylic display cases are popular because of their durability, versatility, and easy maintenance. They are easy to transport and easy on the wallet, but most importantly, they can brighten up any small corner or wall space through their beauty.

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