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How to choose the good acrylic display cases

A lot of customers will have doubts on how to choose those high-quality acrylic display cases from the market,now,we will make a general conclusion for your reference, Maybe you will ask us why I would listen to what you said, because we are the most professional acrylic display factory in china, with more than ten years experience in the display industry.

Now pls take a look at the follwoing tips:
1.the acrylic material transparency. It is a very important reason for us to identify which kind of acrylic material is better. As you know, acrylic material include acrylic casting sheet and acrylic extrusion sheet,  the transparency of acrylic casting is more transparent than the acrylic extrusion,so the good acrylic stand will be of high super transparency.

2.the thickness of the material. The thickness is also very import to identify the goood acrylic display, all the acrylic display are producing by different brand acrylic raw material, so the standard size(allowable error) is a little different, the allowable error of good display is very small, the poor material error is very big, then you can judge out which one is better by comparing the thickness of those dispalys.

3.the color of acrylic. Most of the best acrylic displays show the beautiful and uniform color,pls take much attention on the color, that will help you to choose the best acrylic displays.

4.the touch sense of material. when you touch the apperance of acrylic, if it is high-quality acrylic display, it will have glossy surface and very sleek.

5. the point of junction, because most of the point of each part will be connected by the glue, the good acrylic display will be very hard to see the bubbles,the rich experience workers will avoid to creat few bubbles when they glued each parts,the acrylic display with many bubbles is not beautiful.

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