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How to use acrylic rod and tube properly

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The main ingredient of acrylic round rod / tube is methyl methacrylate (MMA), it has good toughness, anti-crack, surface gloss is good, good mechanical, excellent insulation performance,bright and clean and transparent characteristics. And also it is one of easy processing thermoplastic material and weather ability. The diameter of rod or tube is usually at 0.5mm-200mm.

People usually use acrylic rods, tubes to make lighting appliances, advertising signs, doors and windows of the building, dado plate compartment staircase, lighting wave plate, roof lighting cover, plate for building decoration, furniture, supplies, electrical machinery industry product (machine transparent cover, safety helmet, optical lens of text plate).

The following is some tips for how to use acrylic rods, tube properly:

1. If acrylic rods, tubes were heated to 100℃ or more, it will be closed to melt, so it should avoid the use of 100 degrees above.

2. Because acrylic rods, tube surface hardness is similar with aluminum, we should pay attention to the surface protection, if in case of injury, with yellow aluminum abrasive polishing can restore the original bright surface.

3. If use dry cloth to clean acrylic rods / tubes surface, there will be static on it, so if the surface was dirty, just use soapy water with soft cloth to gently wash.

4. As acrylic rods/tubes thermal expansion coefficient is larger, the expansion is about nine times of metal, when we assemble or fix acrylic tube / rod, we should consider to leave space for the expansion.

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