Acrylic Display Manufacturer

Acrylic Display Stands Design

Acrylic Display Stands Design

1)good chemical resisdence and excellent resistance to weather and UV,not easily fade
2)acrylic display stand can let your products looks high grade and professional
3)acrylic display stand will improve your brand
4)special design and high grade can attract a lot of people to buy your products
5)easy to clean, easy to transport and easy to assemble
6)acrylic display stand is strong hard and light weight
7)the comprehensive after sales service is available
8)acrylic display stand is recycable, and eco-friendly
9)acrylic display can be naturally cleaned with soft cloth or scrubed with soap

usage & advantages:

1)showing perfect to your brand
2)stand-off, wall-mounted or hanging model is optional
3)promoting brand design and bring advertisement to POP, and convey to consumers
4)making sales promotion and display effect more perfect
5)good chemical resistance,non-toxicity,environment protection

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