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Acrylic Display Photo Frames Walmart

Acrylic Display Photo Frames Walmart

size: customized size welcomed;
crafts: made up by two pieces of acrylic plates, each photo frame with 4 magnets to fixed;
packing: each in bubble wrap and inner box, suitable quantities into a carton;
delivery time: 8-12days after deposit, according to the quantity;
quality assurance: Durable; to clean and maintenance: Generally speaking, acrylic item dose not need clean by

water, if there are some dust on it, using soft cloth is ok (notice, do not use wet cloth,

because it is easy to make it dirtier) milling machine, trimming machine, drilling machine, polishing machine,

plastic forming machine, hot-bending machine, laer engraving machine.

3. brief Manufacturing of the Process: paint-spraying, sand blasting, screen

printing,Hot-bend forming, grinding, polishing, laser engraving cutting, laser marking.

We are manufacturer, specializing in making all kinds of acrylic (PMMA) products on our

website, We have advanced international-level equipment and machinery which including

high-precision laser cutting machine, CNC machine, laser marking machine, diamond

polishing machine, automatic raw material cutting machine and printing machine, and

together with experienced technician to guarantee the high quality and innovative products

to meet the customer requirement.

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