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Acrylic Display Trays Walmart

Acrylic Display Trays Walmart

Product advantages

1. impact resistance,acrylic is 200 times stronger than glass,it hardly break;
2. light transmission, acrylic is 98% transparent and highly crystal.
3. corrosion resistance;
4. burning resistance, acrylic won’t burn;
5. acrylic is non-toxic, eco-friendly;
6. acrylic products are widely used in all aspects of our life;
7. any shape is available for its plasticity;
8. acrylic products are durable and light;
9. acrylic products are very easy to clean up.

Product features

1. made of clear/transparent acrylic sheet, high class;
2. can custom made according your designs to suit your needs;
3. widely used in exhibition, fair, retail shop, shopping center, specialty shop, super market and etc;
4. inkjet printing paper used to make your advertising standing out and more attractive;
5. other color, shape, dimensions or design with engraving or silk screen printing logo available.

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